The older musicians went to London for a short, more holiday- like, break. We arrived on Nov.1st and stayed until the 4th, which gave us enough time so soak up some of the unique metropolitan atmosphere this multicultural city has to offer.


IMAG0043The mechanics of the trip were quite simple: we booked cheap flights for all of us, took underground day tickets - extremely cheap in London - and stayed in the also very moderately priced youth hostel St.Christopher´s Village near London Bridge. Being in the very heart of the city, we didn´t have to stick together all the time, but we arranged for meeting places every four hours or so and had a meal together or regrouped. Chill out was very comfortable on the youth hostel roof where there was a whirlpool, and of course in the different function rooms of the place, which was a pub as well as a bed and breakfast hotel, used by young people of all nationalities.

IMAG0139Ein kurzer Urlaub in London - das gönnten sich die fast 20 Musiker des alten Stamms nach einer intensiven Spielsaison. Die Jugendherberge im Herzen Londons mit ihrem vielseitigen Angebot machte den Aufenthalt für alle zu einer angenehmen Pause vom Schulalltag. 

Participants were:/ Teilnehmer waren:
Julia Ruß, Kathrin Beckstein, Marcus Giammattei, Anna Kirchhofer, Tanja Reichart, Manuel Kaspar, Magdalena Atzler, Katharina Helgert, Antonella Giamattei, Nora Hohmann, Peter Cseri, Kristina Resch, Anna Schmidt, Silvia Thanhäuser, Maria Maurer, Martin Köhler and Margot and Leopold Helgert.

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